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Welcome to ADVENT!

What do you want to know about type 2 inflammatory diseases?
ADVENT is a medical education program designed to advance the understanding of type 2 inflammation. ADVENT is developed in collaboration with over 50 global experts and links the latest science of type 2 inflammation with the clinical experience to improve patient care.

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Hear from ADVENT experts

The ADVENT program allows the understanding of the science behind the [esophageal] inflammation, and that the inflammation is a type 2 inflammation.
Dr. Kathryn Peterson
It’s very important that you have a medical education program such as ADVENT to help allergists understand, in an easy and accessible way, the type 2 inflammation driving mechanisms in a disease such as EoE.
Prof. Ingrid Terreehorst
I think there’s a lot of key things that will be coming from the ADVENT program. I think the first thing is understanding of mechanisms of disease and the uniformity of the T2 pathway. Bringing us together leads to better appreciation of the different diseases and a better understanding of how they are co-related and how they can be more effectively treated.
Dr. William Busse
This program is all you ever wanted to know about atopic dermatitis and comorbidities, but you never asked for.
Prof. Thomas Bieber
What we have here is a well put together program by experts in the whole field of asthma and T2 diseases.
Primary Care Respiratory Medicine
Prof. David Price
I think it’s really important to have these sorts of educational sessions to hear what thought leaders think about the regulatory studies and their outcomes.
Dr. Lisa Beck
What I appreciate about the ADVENT program is that [it brings] together physicians from a number of different countries. It’s been very interesting to see the regional differences in not only the practice patterns but also the types of asthma, types of patients that they see.
Dr. Monica Kraft
This extends beyond simply having lung doctors and allergists working together to having lung physicians, allergologists collaborating with ENTs.
Prof. Martin Desrosiers
It regularly brings together people from across the world, specialists from across the world, updates them on the newest insights from clinical and molecular research, and gives them an opportunity to exchange their experiences. And I think this is quite important to improve patient care.
Prof. Stephan Weidinger
ADVENT is a really important platform to raise the bar of education in relation to AD. By raising awareness of comorbidities, as a very important example, we can help improve the whole global management of AD.
Prof. Michael Cork
Many gastroenterologists have little experience with type 2 inflammatory diseases, and the ADVENT medical education program can help them gain more insights into this phenomenon.
Prof. Arjan Bredenoord

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