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ADVENT On Air | Dysphagia in EoE: How Can You See Beyond Patients’ Adaptive Behaviors?

Learn from Dr. Hirano and Dr. Marcon as they discuss how to unmask EoE symptoms that may be hidden by patients' coping mechanisms.

Ikuo Hirano
Margaret (Peggy)  Marcon
Ikuo Hirano +1 more

Learning objectives

  • Identify potential coping behaviors of patients with EoE to adapt to their dysphagia
  • Discuss how clinicians can unmask these adaptive behaviors to identify and diagnose EoE and better understand the impact of EoE on their patients


Dr. Ikuo Hirano and Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Marcon highlight why dysphagia may be overlooked, and share insights from their own clinical practice on how to unmask EoE behind patients' adaptive behaviors.

MAT-US-2402674 v1.0 - P Expiration Date: 03/25/2026

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