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The Benefits of Early Intervention in AD: More Than Skin Deep – Q&A Session and Conclusion

This video from the March 2024 ADVENT AD symposium features the final panel discussion and conclusion. Dr. Eric Simpson, Dr. Katrina Abuabara and Dr. Lawrence Eichenfield discuss topics related to early intervention in AD and the impact of the cumulative disease burden that may manifest as atopic or non-atopic, systemic comorbidities. The faculty also field several questions submitted by the audience. Dr. Simpson concludes the panel discussion with a brief overview of the symposium.

Katrina Abuabara
Lawrence F. Eichenfield
Eric Simpson
Katrina Abuabara +2 more

Learning objectives

  • Review how AD severity may be better defined based on future measures and analyses
  • Consider the potential for preventing atopic comorbidities through earlier treatment opportunities
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