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A Tale of Two Itches: Bridging the Gap With Type 2 Inflammation in Prurigo Nodularis and Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria

Dr. Elmariah, Professor Metz, and Dr. Kim discuss the unique clinical presentations of PN and CSU and explore the shared and distinct pathophysiological underpinnings of itch and inflammation in both diseases, with a focus on the roles of type 2 cytokines at the neuroimmune axis In PN and CSU.

Sarina Elmariah
Martin Metz
Brian Kim
Sarina Elmariah +2 more

Learning objectives

  • Comprehend the unique and significant burdens associated with chronic itch and skin lesions in PN and CSU
  • Understand the diverse actions of type 2 cytokines at the neuroimmune axis and how they perpetuate chronic itch and inflammation in PN and CSU
MAT-GLB-2401692 - 1.0 - 04/2024

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