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a global medical education program

ADVENT is a medical education program designed to advance our understanding of type 2 inflammation in dermatology, pulmonology, rhinology and gastroenterology.

ADVENT has been developed in collaboration with over 50 global experts to provide the most up-to-date science on type 2 inflammation, with the objective of advancing clinical management and improving patient care in chronic diseases such as atopic dermatitis, asthma, CRSwNP, eosinophilic esophagitis or prurigo nodularis. 
This educational platform is intended for healthcare professionals only.

Are you a healthcare provider?

Then take advantage of our immersive medical education content dedicated to type 2 inflammation. Browse through our multimedia library and discover a wealth of videos, infographics, interviews and interactive visuals, as well as up-to-date congress literature, all revolving around type 2 inflammatory diseases.


The ADVENT educational program is designed to deepen your knowledge of type 2 inflammation through rich content, endorsed by leading experts.

  • In-depth educational resources
  • Personalized content stream
  • Content verified by experts

ADVENT will keep you informed about the most important allergy and immunology congresses, conferences and other events.

  • Conferences, webinars, seminars
  • Event previews and calendar alerts
  • On-demand content afterward

ADVENT collaborates with recognized experts to offer you everything from in-depth interviews to concise explanations.

  • 38 international experts
  • Immunologists, dermatologists, rhinologists, more
  • Insightful interviews and expert opinions

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