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The Emerging Paradigm of Atopic Dermatitis as a Lifelong Predisposition to Episodic Skin Lesions

Explore how atopic dermatitis persists and advances, spanning childhood to adulthood via this informative infographic.


Learning objectives

  • Explore how early onset of atopic dermatitis may influence the likelihood of persistent disease
  • Briefly detail the indicators involved in persistent atopic dermatitis
  • Highlight how atopic dermatitis progression can follow multiple trajectories from childhood to adulthood


This infographic presents longitudinal data of atopic dermatitis (AD) trends over time, illustrating how earlier onset of AD is associated with greater disease persistence over time. Here, we aim to highlight how early-onset AD can increase the incidence of other atopic comorbidities and emphasize the intricate nature of this dermatological disease.

MAT-GLB-2303041 V2 07/2023

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