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Managing the Risk of Fibrostenosis in EoE

Hear from Drs. Jason Lee, Kathryn Peterson, Seema Aceves, and Ikuo Hirano on disease progression and the importance of managing fibrostenotic risk in EoE.

Ikuo Hirano
Kathryn Peterson
Seema  Aceves
Ikuo Hirano +3 more

Learning objectives

  • Recognize the importance of regular monitoring and a patient-centered approach to long-term management of EoE
  • Understand the chronic, progressive nature of type 2 inflammation in EoE and its impact on patient QoL


Global experts Jason Lee, MD, Kathryn Peterson, MD, PhD, Seema Aceves, MD, PhD, and Ikuo Hirano, MD, discuss how persistent type 2 inflammation can lead to strictures in patients with EoE and highlight the importance of monitoring patients to minimize fibrostenotic risk and impact on quality of life.

MAT-US-2207764 v2.0 - P Exp Date: 11/11/2024

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