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ADVENT On Air | Loss of Smell in CRSwNP Patients

Profs. Wytske Fokkens and Joaquim Mullol discuss the clinical significance of the loss of smell in patients with CRSwNP.

Wytske Fokkens
Joaquim Mullol
Wytske Fokkens +1 more

Learning objectives

  • Highlight the prevalence of loss of smell and the burden it imposes on patients with CRSwNP
  • Discuss the current understanding of how type 2 inflammation leads to loss of smell in CRSwNP
  • Explore the increases in loss of smell and disease severity in patients with CRSwNP and coexisting type 2 inflammatory diseases (eg, asthma and NERD)
  • Address the importance of assessing loss of smell and reliable tools for diagnosing and monitoring this key symptom


Listen to Professors Wytske Fokkens and Joaquim Mullol discuss the burden of smell loss and the emerging science on how inflammation drives olfactory dysfunction in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps.

MAT-US-2400301 v1.0 - P Expiration Date: 01/08/2026

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