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IRS-ISIAN 2024 | Evolving Perspectives in CRSwNP: From Symptom Control to Disease Remission

Prof. Peter Hellings and Prof. Eugenio De Corso discuss viewpoints on the emerging definitions of disease remission in CRSwNP.

Peter Hellings
Eugenio De Corso
Peter Hellings +1 more

Learning objectives

  • Identify hallmarks of disease control in CRSwNP
  • Set appropriate goals beyond symptom control for patients with CRSwNP
  • Evaluate recently published definitions of remission in CRSwNP with an eye toward improving patient outcomes


Join Prof. Peter Hellings, and Prof. Eugenio De Corso as they explore disease control and the emerging concept of disease remission in CRSwNP.

MAT-US-2404051 v1.0 - P Expiration Date: 04/05/2026

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