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Interdisciplinary Care for EoE: Experts Offer Food for Thought

Join Drs. Ikuo Hirano, Margaret Collins, and Jason Lee as they discuss their clinical experiences with interdisciplinary care of patients with EoE

Margaret H.  Collins
Ikuo Hirano
Jason K. Lee
Margaret H. Collins +2 more

Learning objectives

  • Analyze methods for identification, assessment, and diagnosis of patients with EoE, and associated patient burden
  • Understand the benefit of a multidisciplinary, patient-centered approach for identification, diagnosis, patient care, and long-term disease management


Join experts Ikuo Hirano, MD, Margaret Collins, MD, and Jason Lee, MD, as they explore EoE using their own clinical experiences to highlight key features in assessing EoE, the burden of disease on patients, and the benefits of interdisciplinary care.

MAT-GLB-2102873 - 2.0 - 05/2024

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