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Tilo Biedermann


Professor at the Technical University Munich School of Medicine, Germany

Tilo Biedermann


Tilo Biedermann, MD, is a Professor at the Technical University Munich School of Medicine.  

His research deals with the regulation of tolerance-promoting and inflammatory immune responses, with activities ranging from basic research to translating his findings into clinical applications. His other areas of interest include dermatology, allergology, immunology, venerology, skin care, acne and cosmetic dermatology. 

He has previously acted as spokesperson of the DFG priority program 1394 “Mast-cells – Promoters of Health and Modulators of Disease”. He has also served as president of the European Society of Dermatological Research, and has been secretary general of the German Dermatological Society since 2017. A sought-after speaker, he has received multiple accolades including the Alfred Marchionini Research Award, the Award for Translational Research in Dermatology and the Main Immunotherapy Research Award and has co-authored over 400 research papers.