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Theresa Guilbert


Professor | University of Cincinnati; Director of the Asthma Center | Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Ohio, United States

Theresa Guilbert


Theresa Guilbert, MD, MS, is a Professor at the University of Cincinnati and Director of the Asthma Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio. She has over 20 years of experience in providing clinical care to children and adolescents with preschool, childhood, and severe asthma, particularly children from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. She also has an interest in using technology for novel care delivery systems and has developed a telehealth clinic that serves several urban core school-based health centers.  

Dr. Guilbert has spent more than 2 decades conducting clinical, translational, and epidemiologic research. Her clinical research has been focused on identifying the role of risk factors, exposures, and environmental interactions that lead to early childhood wheezing and severe asthma. She has participated in the steering committees and collaborated with other center principal investigators in the National Institutes of Health-funded Childhood Asthma Research and Education Network, AsthmaNet, and Severe Asthma Research Program, which were created to develop and execute innovative clinical asthma studies in children. Dr. Guilbert is currently the principal investigator for several multicenter asthma trials in both preschool- and school-aged children.  

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