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Anna Belloni Fortina


Head of Pediatric Dermatology and full Professor at the University of Padova Medical School, Italy

Anna Belloni Fortina


Anna Belloni Fortina, MD, is the Head of Pediatric Dermatology and a full Professor at the University of Padova Medical School. She serves as the coordinator of all the research on Pediatric Dermatology and cutaneous allergy in both children and adults at the University of Padova Medical School, and is director of the university’s dermatology residency training program. Her research activities focus on skin diseases in both adults and children in organ transplant recipients, contact dermatitis, pediatric dermatology and rare diseases, on which she has co-authored numerous journal papers, book chapters and communications at international conferences. She is an expert researcher in contact dermatitis, in particular in children. 

A leading figure in pediatric dermatology in Italy and abroad, she previously held the position of past president of the Italian Society of Pediatric Dermatology. Her clinical appointments include Head of the Pediatric Dermatology Regional Center of the Veneto Region in Italy, Expert Consultant for Pediatric Dermatology of the Regional Center for Diagnosis of child abuse of the Veneto Region, and Referent for Pediatric Rare Skin Diseases for the Regional Center for Rare Diseases of the Veneto Region.