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Type 2 Inflammation

The Role of Type 2 Inflammation in Multiple Disease Trajectories

How type 2 inflammation drives atopic dermatitis and underlies other atopic diseases across multiple disease trajectories including the atopic march.

Learning objectives

  • Review the progression of AD to other atopic diseases through the atopic march
  • Understand the development of atopic comorbidities from and independent of AD as having multiple disease trajectories
  • Explore the role of type 2 inflammation in these atopic diseases and the potential to modify the disease course through targeting these mechanisms


This educational tool aims to review the current understanding of atopic dermatitis and the development of atopic comorbidities. It outlines the well-known concept of the atopic march, the development of other atopic diseases such as asthma and rhinitis independent of AD, and the role of type 2 inflammation underpinning these diseases.

MAT-US-2205883 v2.0 P Exp date: 08/10/2024

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