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The Benefits of Early Intervention in AD: More Than Skin Deep

Many AD treatment goals focus on clinical manifestations, so that if a patient is free of lesions, their disease is considered well controlled. However, the inflammatory process underlying AD reaches far beyond the skin, affecting patients in unique ways at different stages of their lives. Education on the importance of treating AD beyond the skin and altering the treatment approach to fit the individual patient will help improve clinical management and reduce long-term patient burden.

Learning objectives

  • Present new data on the systemic burden of underlying type 2 inflammation in AD within and beyond the skin across age groups
  • Discuss the cumulative life impact of uncontrolled AD and the importance of early intervention and disease control across age groups
  • Relate perspectives on management of moderate-to-severe AD and the potential for disease modification
MAT-US-2401457 v2.0 - P Expiration Date: 03/01/2026

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