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UEG Week 2023 | Expanding Horizons in EoE: The Journey to Long-term Disease Control

Join Prof. Christoph Schlag and Dr. Christoper Ma for an educational presentation about the journey to long-term disease control in EoE.

Christoph  Schlag
Christopher Ma
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Learning objectives

  • Examine the impact of the chronic, progressive nature of EoE on patient burden and QoL
  • Understand the importance of assessing multiple aspects of disease in monitoring disease status in EoE
  • Evaluate the latest clinical trial data for biologics in EoE
  • Discuss the importance of shared decision-making and long-term disease control for optimal care of patients with EoE


In this ADVENT symposium from UEG Week 2023, Christoph Schlag, MD, PhD, and Christopher Ma, MD, MPH, FRCPC, explore EoE from a clinical perspective, sharing their experiences with multidimensional disease assessment and learnings from clinical trials on biologics in EoE.

MAT-GLB-2305286 v2.0 11/2023

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