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EADV 2022 AD Barrier Symposium: Inside Atopic Dermatitis: Type 2 Inflammation Underlies Skin Barrier Dysfunction and Neuroimmune Dysregulation

Insights from the EADV 2022 ADVENT symposium, exploring the role of type 2 inflammation in skin barrier and neuroimmune dysfunction in atopic dermatitis.

Donald  Leung
Gil  Yosipovitch
Anna  De Benedetto
Donald Leung +3 more

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Learning objectives

  • Review the latest understanding and clinical importance of the triad of interrelated mechanisms that drive atopic dermatitis: type 2 inflammation, barrier dysregulation, and neuroinflammation
  • Explore innovative methods to evaluate skin barrier function and data on therapeutic interventions to normalize barrier function in atopic dermatitis


Skin barrier dysfunction and neuroimmune dysfunction are hallmarks of atopic dermatitis, that are driven in part by type 2 inflammation. In this ADVENT-sponsored symposium at the EADV 2022 Congress in Milan, experts Donald Leung, MD, PhD (National Jewish Health in Denver, USA), Anna De Benedetto, MD (University of Rochester, USA), Gil Yosipovitch (Miami Itch Center, USA), and Michael J. Cork MD, PhD (University of Sheffield, UK), delve into the triad of interacting mechanisms involved in driving atopic dermatitis pathophysiology: type 2 inflammation, barrier dysfunction, and neuroimmune axis dysregulation. In this session, experts also explore innovative methods to evaluate and restore skin barrier function.

MAT-GLB-2204177 V2

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