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Type 2 Inflammation
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EAACI 2022 | Type 2 Symposium | A Common Thread: Type 2 Inflammation Across Diseases

Dr. Brian Kim and Profs. Roland Buhl and Claus Bachert discuss links between type 2 inflammation, barrier dysfunction, and neuroimmune function in diseases across organ systems.

Brian Kim
Roland Buhl
Claus Bachert
Brian Kim +2 more

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Learning objectives

  • Learn the role of key cytokines, IL-4, IL-13, and IL-5, in the pathophysiology of loss of smell in patients with CRSwNP, and the patient impact of loss of smell on health-related quality of life
  • Understand the prevalence of type 2 inflammation in patients with CRSwNP, commonly used tests of olfaction, and the determination of clinically meaningful improvements in loss of smell
  • Evaluate the latest biologic data in CRSwNP patients, highlighting significant patient improvements in loss of smell

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