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CEORL-HNS 2022 | Underlying Inflammation in Patients With Severe/Uncontrolled CRSwNP

Profs. Philippe Gevaert and Eugenio De Corso discuss the role of type 2 inflammation in CRSwNP and recent evidence of biologic efficacy.

Philippe Gevaert
Eugenio De Corso
Philippe Gevaert +1 more

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Learning objectives

  • Review the role of type 2 inflammation in patients with CRSwNP, focusing on the type 2 mediators that can be targeted by biologics
  • Understand severe/uncontrolled CRSwNP, treatment options, monitoring of treatment, and shared decision-making with patients
  • Learn surgical and biological treatment efficacy data for severe/uncontrolled CRSwNP
  • Review efficacy, real-world effectiveness, and safety profiles of available biologics for patients with severe/uncontrolled CRSwNP

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