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European Society for Pediatric Dermatology (ESPD) 2024 | Košice, Slovakia

Inflammatory processes drive AD both within and beyond the skin, leading to significant, cumulative life impacts. Early intervention has the potential to mitigate these impacts by altering the disease course.

Eulàlia Baselga
Amy Paller
Lisa Weibel
Eulàlia Baselga +2 more
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House of Arts
Moyzesova 66 040 01 Košice Slovakia

Learning objectives

  • Explore the ways type 2 inflammation contributes to AD disease pathogenesis within and beyond the skin
  • Discuss the importance of early intervention in children with AD and the potential for disease modification
  • Review the latest clinical and real-world data on advanced systemic treatments for infants and preschoolers with AD


Atopic dermatitis is a chronic, inflammatory disease characterized by eczematous skin lesions and intense itch, however, the inflammatory processes underlying AD reach far beyond the skin. Cumulative comorbidities, including other atopic diseases as well as bone and mental health conditions, may result from uncontrolled chronic disease and inflammation both within and beyond the skin in pediatric patients with AD. Development of these extracutaneous health conditions, which may persist into adulthood, can have variable trajectories and contribute to the cumulative life impact of AD.

Join experts Eulàlia Baselga, Amy Paller, and Lisa Weibel as they investigate the inflammatory processes driven by type 2 cytokines that lead to the local and systemic clinical effects of AD. The speakers will discuss the potential benefits of treating children with AD early in the disease process and the emerging clinical and real-world data on the use of advanced systemic treatments for children with AD.


Welcome, Objectives, and Audience Polling

Amy Paller (Co-Chair)

Within and Beyond the Skin: New Perspectives on the Role of Type 2 Inflammation in AD

Lisa Weibel

Early Intervention and the Potential for Disease Modification in Children With AD

Amy Paller (Co-Chair)

Emerging Data on Advanced Systemic Treatments for Children With AD

Eulàlia Baselga (Co-Chair)

Conclusions and Live Q&A

All Faculty

The speakers are being compensated and/or receiving honoraria from Sanofi and Regeneron in connection with this program.

House of Arts
Moyzesova 66 040 01 Košice Slovakia
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