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Prurigo Nodularis (PN) Case Studies

Three interactive, educational case studies on the clinical presentation, diagnosis, and management of patients with prurigo nodularis.

Learning objectives

  • Investigate the physician’s perspective during the management of patients with prurigo nodularis (PN)
  • Outline common challenges and unique scenarios that may occur including the presentation of atopic and non-atopic comorbidities
  • Offer practical guidance on the diagnosis of PN


These interactive case studies aim to provide physicians with a greater understanding of the clinical presentation and management of prurigo nodularis (PN). They outline common clinical challenges that may be faced in the clinic, such as approaches that can be taken to diagnose and manage PN, presentation of comorbid atopic dermatitis, and mental health issues.

MAT-GLB-2301116 V2 05/2023

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